1. SEXY

From the recordings SEXY and SEXY

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1-you know I love you babe so dont you let me down
you say you wanna leave me but you like to hang around
you know I dream about you,you're always on my mind
but now the time has come for me to leave it all behind
I use to call your name at night when luv was just a game
when u leave me lonely ,u never break the chain
2-I was ridin the hi road,no longer feelin the pain
thought I seen it all before
but here I go again,
when I see your face at night my heart starts to race,you know u got the eyes ,you were made to mesmerize
Ref:you're so sexy you're so sweet,I wanna feel your body heat,
taste the lipstick on your lips I like the way u Buck your hips
come on come on now dont u tease,wont u love me wont u please
you're so hot you're outta sight ,pretty lil woman wanna ride all night...
4-you call me on the phone,u say u dont wanna be alone,and if I dont come back,you'll meet another jack
so I stepped on the gas so hard my heart was racin fast
I got back just in time for u to blow my mind
Chorys:Common lets do it lets do it all night,
ride me baby ride me slow,
common lets do it lets do it all night
ride me baby ride me long..
© 2008 whiskysam