Sami David Makarim classical guitarist graduated from the University of North Dakota (GO SIOUX),played all over the world,influences from The Beatles, Zepplin, Sabbath, Deep Purple,Beethoven, Villa Lobos, Andre Segovia.A blend of all, resulting in a British American Mediteranean Rock ,my love and inspiration is Phoenicia and the good old USA. Original whiskysam band was Gary Smith vocals guitars. Gary Adsero,Jim Beiswenger,Tom Pollard,Jenny z,Brian M Brian, Steve Bakken & Brian Rustabakke all were Bass players for Whiskysam for the past 20 years . Dennis Dassinger,Rick Vacura, Matt Aldridge, Bill Martinez ,Terry Tibiatowski Mark Sands and steve Traube,all played Drums for Whiskysam the past 20 years/ Photobucket


I was born in 1952 in Ibadan Nigeria.Nigeria was a British colony till 1960. So I grew up in an English society.Later went to hi-school in Beirut Lebanon,then came to North Dakota aat 19 where I graduated 1977 in music from the University of North Dakota.I formed several bands in my lifetime,The ILL DOCTORS,The Soul Beats,ODESSA,BLACKWALL HITCH,WHISKYSAM, I opened up whiskysam Recording Studio & whiskysam Records to the public in 1999 although I've been recording since 1972. I studied Sound Engineering at UND and SAE Institute with degrees in Music,Live front of house audio engineering including Live & Studio Mixing , Recording drums , Orchestras , Big Bands. Heavy Metal, Hip Hop producer and Pro-tools etc.. I have produced over a thousand bands and artists so far/ I also do Video Transfer services from VHS tapes to DVD ,CASSETTE TO CD, AND 8MM TO DVD